Mainframe JCL/COBOL/DATA Conversion Unix/Linux

  1. JCLcnv1demo.doc - Converting mainframe JCL & COBOL to Linux/Unix/Windows
    - Conversions for Micro Focus COBOL, AIX COBOL,or Open COBOL
    - Listings of sample JCL & converted shell equivalents
    - Console Logs from executions with test data files
    - Directories & Profiles for test & production environments

  2. JCLcnv2real.doc - comprehensive conversion guide for your JCL,COBOL,DATA (vs demos)
    - decoumenting the problems & complexities of real-life conversions
    - converting FTP userids,passwords,IP#s to $variables that default
    differently depending on login by programmer, operator, scheduler

  3. JCLcnv3aids.doc - cross-references (copybooks, programs, parms, data-files, etc)
    - analyze JCL to determine essential data-files to transfer from mainframe
    - test/debug tips, joblog script to capture console logs
    - export ANIM=+A to turn on Micro Focus COBOL animation (debug)
    - using mainframe LISTCAT reports to capture file types, record-sizes, etc
    - search & mass change all files in directories of JCLs, scripts, etc

  4. JCLcnv4gdg.doc - Vancouver Utility GDG file handling system - Basic & Advanced features
    - Significant enhancements go well beyond GDG processing on the mainframe
    - GDG Indexed control file carries no of generations for each file
    - new generations not committed until JCL/script reaches Normal EOJ

  5. DATAcnv1.doc - Converting mainframe DATA files to unix/linux
    - Conversion jobs automatically generated from COBOL copybooks
    - preserving packed/binary fields (would be destroyed by translates)
    - Or unpack/edit to all text delimited files for loading database tables

  6. DATAcnv2.doc - A more comprehensive & complete solution to mainframe datafile conversion
    - presented as a demo conversion of 10 mainframe files of various types
    - stresses creating a control file of all datafiles to be transferred/converted
    - can analyze all JCL to determine datafiles to initiate operations on unix/linux
    - automated by coding the copybook in the control file of datafilenames
    - can capture the datafilename/copybookname relationship from user spreadsheet

  7. MVSJCL.doc - older JCL to Korn shell script conversion doc

  8. MVSJCLtest1.doc - older doc replaced by JCLcnv1demo,JCLcnv2real,JCLcnv3aids,JCLcnv4gdg

  9. MVSCOBOL.doc - Converting MVS COBOL to Micro Focus COBOL

  10. MVSDATA.doc - MVS Mainframe DATA Conversion (high volume)

  11. ADMjobs.doc - Backup/Restore, cron/crontabs, console logging, etc

  12. Data File Comparison - great for files wwith packed/binary (vs diff for text files)
    - print record pairs in vertical hexadecimal '*' flag differences
  13. CNVaids.doc - best summary of Conversion Aids for JCL,COBOL,& DATA

  14. VSEJCL.doc - convert IBM VSE JCL to Korn shell scripts

  15. VSECOBOL.doc - Converting VSE COBOL to Micro Focus COBOL

  16. VSEDATA.doc - VSE Mainframe DATA Conversion (high volume)

  17. VSERPG.doc - Converting Mainframe RPG II to Morada RPG for Unix/Linux

  18. SQLjobs.doc - Converting Mainframe files for loading Relational DBs

  19. REFORMjobs.doc - Reformat records based on old & new versions of the copybook

  20. EZTRVetc.doc - convert EasyTrieve to uvcopy

  21. MvsJclPerl.doc - Converting IBM MVS JCL to Perl scripts

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